Evaluation Criteria

Nominations must be received by midnight on July 10, 2015 to be considered.

Nominations must be made by a previous award winner. Self-nominations are not accepted for this award. The following is the criteria that are used in aggregate by the judging panel to assess the worthiness of an award winning center:

1. National prestige of the Entrepreneurship Program/Center (national rankings or other recognition).
2. National/State recognition achieved (awards, achievements, recognition from other outside organization -e.g. U.S. Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Academy of Management).
3. Entrepreneurship Program Quality and longevity of the program (Ph.D., MBA, BS).
4. Entrepreneurship curriculum development (courses specifically designed for major/minor programs).
5. Contributions to Entrepreneurship Research (Publications/Books/Etc).
6. Outreach activities (significance & uniqueness to the Entrepreneurship Center).
7. Community collaborations (specific to the Entrepreneurship Center).
8. Special projects or accomplishments (unique to the particular center).
9. University/Community commitment to the Entrepreneurship Center in terms of endowment, space, and presence.
10. Commitment to the GCEC.