About the Leadership Circle

Sponsorship Level:  $5,000

A selected group of universities dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship have united to pioneer the leadership efforts of the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC). Understanding that the GCEC needs additional financial support to continue its growth, Entrepreneurship Center Directors from these leading schools agreed to provide the foundational funding upon which the GCEC can expand. Through their financial commitment, the organization will be able to grow and prosper into a truly international force. These universities represent the very best in entrepreneurship education, and they remain committed to sharing their expertise with the rest of the world. The Deans, Faculty, and Entrepreneurship Center Directors from these universities stand as the leaders in this growing field.

As a tribute to the foundational efforts of these universities, the following benefits have been designed for this unique sponsorship.

  1. University logo loaded on the GCEC website under a link: The Leadership Circle.
  2. The Leadership Circle schools have their picture and logo continuously appearing on the front page banner of the GCEC website indicating that they are the “leadership schools” of this consortium. This banner is reserved for these schools only!
  3. One (1) year university membership to GCEC.
  4. One (1) attendance to the current year’s GCEC Conference.
  5. University logo appearing on all materials and poster at the annual global conference signifying that these schools are the major sponsors of the organization and the conference.
  6. Acknowledgement at the lunches, social hours, and gala banquet for the foundational support of these leadership schools.
  7. Year long sponsorship of the GCEC and all activities associated with the organization.
  8. With the new security protected website, the Leadership Circle schools will be prominently displayed on the “public/open” section of the home page of the website. (see point #2).