Award and Nomination Information

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The GCEC awards are designed to showcase and celebrate the very best of university entrepreneurship! We are excited to read about the industry’s great achievements and proud to recognize them. A few things you should know before preparing nominations:


Nominations must be received by midnight July 10, 2019 to be considered.

• Any award winning school will not be eligible the following year to submit for any award category. In addition, winning schools will be asked to have a representative evaluate the following year.

• Center Directors should submit nominations for the category that they believe best fits their Center’s accomplishments. It is a Center Director’s responsibility to evaluate the category that can best be articulated in terms of their Center’s focus, achievements, and purpose.

• Limit your completed file size to 4MB.

• Awards in each category will be made to the centers that demonstrate exceptional achievement within the category. There will NOT be a minimum or maximum number of awards. It is at the judges’ discretion.

• Awards will be announced and presented at the annual GCEC Conference. A representative from the winning university must be present to accept the award.

Preparing the Nomination

We want you to tell us what makes your center shine! The following guidelines are designed to facilitate a fair and simple basis for nominations, review, and award selections.


• Identify the specific category for which the center is nominated. Identify the center and institution names and contact information for the center director. Unfortunately, if the category is not clearly identified, the nomination will not be considered.

• Be sure to address each item in the nomination criteria, even if the answer is N/A. Once these specific items have been addressed, you may add information that you think is relevant, however it must clearly tie to the category in order to be considered. This should be done in no more than 5 pages!

• There is no a limit to supporting materials. However, when including supporting materials, please be sure to clearly indicate how the items relate specifically to the award category. In other words, please submit only those that specifically tie to the category and criteria. Ad hoc materials that do not specifically tie to criteria requests will be excluded from evaluation.

• In all responses, please clearly indicate the center’s role in highlighted activities, and/or specific relationship to the center of individuals, programs, or activities that are highlighted.


Submitting the Nomination

• All nomination material is limited to 4MB, one combined PDF file, and should be e-mailed to the following account: [email protected].