Award and Nomination Information


Nominee profile
Center dedicating to advancing, promoting, and supporting entrepreneurship education as a field of study, teaching, and outreach to one or a variety of communities.


Ranking criteria and measures
   Note: In all responses, please clearly indicate the center’s role in highlighted activities, and/or specific relationship to the center of individuals, programs, or activities that are highlighted.


Economic development and community outreach
Briefly discuss the centers leadership and contributions to economic development goals and organizations; Interaction with the entrepreneurial community; and Involvement of the entrepreneurial community in the center’s and related entrepreneurship programs. What is the center’s role and what are the outcomes? How are students and faculty involved? What are the outcomes? Specific areas of discussion might include: community projects, business/new venture consulting, economic development projects such as forums or related; participation and role in economic development clusters and support organizations, etc.


Service to the discipline
How does your center work to advancing the discipline of entrepreneurship and stimulate entrepreneurial opportunity in either academic or business communities or both? May include contributions to national and international academic organizations; service as an officer in national or international entrepreneurship organizations; local forums/information sessions on entrepreneurship education and its potential contributions. Please highlight center’s role.


Entrepreneurship education development and mentoring
Please give examples of how your center works with other universities/colleges to help them develop entrepreneurship centers, programs, enhance existing programs, develop curricula, outreach programs, financial foundations, etc.


Outreach programs
Please list your center’s outreach programs. Please note if one time or ongoing. If ongoing, please include frequency. Include target populations, and brief goals of program. Please limit to 25 words or less per program.


Stimulation of entrepreneurial opportunity
How does your center work to stimulate entrepreneurial opportunity? This can be through a wide variety of applications and programs. Please be brief, but concise in outlining your center’s philosophy or goals with regard to entrepreneurial stimulation, and a sampling of effective activities.


Any other element regarding your center’s contributions to advancing the discipline of entrepreneurship. This might include a percentage of students and faculty that engage in above activities; dollar amounts or percentage of budget allocated or FTE contributions to discipline advancing activities, etc.


Suggested supplemental materials:
• Promotional materials for outreach programs
• List of organizations, businesses, associations that your students and
or faculty have worked directly with, and in what capacity. Please be
sure to provide information on faculty student relationship to the
nomination center.


 Note: While there is no limit to supporting materials, please clearly indicate which item/items all supplemental pieces relate to. Please submit only those that specifically tie to the category and criteria. Ad hoc materials that do not specifically tie to criteria requests will be excluded from evaluation.