GCEC Award for Outstanding Contributions to ENTERPRISE CREATION

Award and Nomination Information

Nominee profile
Center who supports and advances enterprise creation and growth. One whose programs establish a high number of viable, successful new enterprises. Enterprise is generally described as new enterprise or social enterprise. Enterprises may be secondarily qualified as enterprise activities within existing firms. Center effectively ties program activities and teaching to specific enterprise outcomes.
Ranking criteria and measures
   Note: In all responses, please indicate any included noted faculty member/program/activity/etc relationship with the nominated entrepreneurship center. Responses that do not do so will be excluded from evaluation.
Business plans competitions
   • Are business plans competitions hosted on your campus supported or
      related to your entrepreneurship center? What is the role of your
   • How many teams compete in center-related competitions?
   • Does your center have a student required business plans competition?
      What is its role in the curriculum?
   • Are your competition(s) university or program specific, or are they
      open to other schools/programs?
   • Do your students compete in intercollegiate competitions?
   • What percentage of center-related teams competed in the prior
   • How many teams placed in the top 3 in intercollegiate competitions
      (unduplicated count). What is the percentage of these teams relative
      to the total center-related teams?
Business incubation
   • Does your school have a campus-based incubator(s); off campus
      incubator(s)? If so, what is the active involvement and formal role of
      your center in these incubator programs?
   • How do your center-related students participate in these programs?
   • What number and percentage of teams leverage incubator services
      each year?
New enterprises
   • What percentage of the nominated center’s related programs
      graduates have started new businesses?
   • Briefly describe or iterate VC/angel/other formal investments in
      student businesses
   • Please include information about level or growth revenues of
      student/alumni businesses, market share, innovations brought to
      market, variety in industries or types of businesses. Be sure to include
      qualifiers such as percentages or numbers of enterprises information
      relates to (ie high growth revenues applies to what
      number/percentage of alumni enterprises, etc)
Program fostering enterprise creation
How is the entrepreneurship program designed? How is success measure? What is the variety and depth of opportunities available to student to move ideas to market? Specify the nominated center’s role in these items.
What else would you like us to know about the nominated center’s excellence in new enterprise creation? Be sure to quantify and include an overview of the center’s role.
Suggested supplemental materials:
   • Listing of center graduate enterprises
   • Listing of courses dedicated to new enterprise creation
   • Listing of other related opportunities related to nominated center that
      advance new enterprise creation

   Note: While there is no limit to supporting materials, please clearly indicate which item/items all supplemental pieces relate to. Please submit only those that specifically tie to the category and criteria. Ad hoc materials that do not specifically tie to the criteria requests will be excluded from evaluation.